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dj nova: synthetic & aesthetic transitions
( m u s i c f o r b e d r o o m s )

love, kisses, greetz and respect goes to my mom (constant donator), dad (10x again for musical education), sistuh, brother, aika, all current and future hHex members and collaborators, akhut, fry and sidewalk, naveen, zala, cybergaby, ooya, vesna, JSC crew, chris aka damn funkies, techabuse, boJan, trypno+hgp, nashii, borchi, boris veler @ radio student, paranoid, koltek, pier, jahmirko, kobilca, pureH, thimbles, hepcat, aras, chamelian, dj raja, kesma, mitko and luka @ ljudmila, alenka @ klub k4, alex @ tecart, minmax & slovene demo scene, lunatic calm, liam, distance, astradyne, faca & klonart, h0l & mono211, stereoman & noise, argus & theralite, md & fm, strala & kahvi, milk, mortee & disciples, all sbreakerz, pivkovi family, skylined visitors, gemm.com and all of you out there i didn't mention, thanks to ya all who support my music and work. whithout you this wouldn't be possible

write, type, click, surf: luka 'dj nova' princic, stare pravde 3, 1000 ljubljana, slovenia nova@skylined.org, http://www.skylined.org - find all releases in mp3 format for free

amputated soul

sad & slow ambiental electro trip-hop with filtered bass blurps /farts?/ and interesing rhytm composition. featuring "Pa Lacino" speech.

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electro nu skool breakz acid monotonik jumpup breakbeat synthesis. chill and be patient

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notsopoisenous beatfreakery into darkness of synthetic lines and unexpected stories 'bass'ed with wierd melodies

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constempt (spasmic rework)

electrobreaky soundtrack with sharp beatz and well-lined electronic harmonica - floor stomper

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klito-flow (dildo rework)

influenced by sex disorientation issues, distorted and filtered sharp breakbeats, trancey lines and dynamic composition. sample taken from "sex, lies and videotape"

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how sofia makes me re-groove

experimental wierd nuskool fast non-clishesque short trip, influenced by sofia's kinghood lab. it was composed there and re-post-mastered at my novalabs

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etnojazz-like structures meets electronic repetitions and cutoff/resonance tweaking with melancholic lonely mood

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slow and dark triphopy multi-layered beats, echo in full effect and distant filtered drumnbasses, flowing like liquid

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white soap

scarry synthetica mixed with 6/4 beated nu skool beat and electro influences. harmonics in chilly atmosphere, but, baby!, still scarry monotonics

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digital blasphemy

melancholic, lonely and spacey electronics with interesting change of 4 & 3 step rhytm. echoed soundscapes

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contact me for handmade homebaked copy.
check module list for raw(!!) IT and BUZZ modules

all tracks written and produced by dj nova @ novalabs; sample credits include: Al Pacino from "Scent Of A Woman", Douglas Adams and his BBC HHGTTG radio series, James Spader from "Sex, Lies and Videotape" and Bruce Willis from "Die Hard I".

Music For Bedrooms is music for minds. Rest in your favourite point and let questions penetrate.