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"The mix defines the DJ’s originality, her vision of the music, her response to the music, and not only her interaction with the crowd, but her reaction to the record’s effect upon the crowd. A movement of Dancefloor Dialectics, where the moment of collapse, of spectacled and spectacular simulacra, is the mix. But even this notion of the mix is one among many mixes. The dancefloor is a presupposition, and the notion of the crowd and its expectations a concept and a structural desire: the turntablist learns to utilise the dancefloor-mix as one way of lengthening tension or bringing about closure in a long procession of mixes, each which treats the listener in a different fashion, thereby reconstructing the expectations built up by the crowd of the dancefloor, of dancing, of the necessity of movement, of the proper mode of accepting or rejecting, relating or disassociating, of essentially reacting to the sounds emanating from the speaker stacks.The mix is the aesthetic and creative moment of the DJ, the moment when all is lost or won: a moment of brilliance or of defeat, when at the cusp of the successful mix, the tracks coalesce to become more than an amalgamation of sounds and move in orbits of power. For DJing is a position of cultural power. With turntablism comes a responsibility, as with any art. However, because DJing is an aural medium, and one that pervades the senses to a powerful degree, bringing about a reaction from the audience and creating entire sets of expectations, hierarchies, and contexts, it is a responsibility that is infused with a particular thread of ritual power. For Paul Miller, aka DJ Spooky, the DJ can act as a “memory selector” by juggling, cutting, and pasting cultural signifiers into new contexts and selections, thereby deconstructing traditional references and recontextualising the present experience by remixing the past in real-time. Such a position is a refraction node for the dissemination of power, channeling aural signifiers that trigger memory associations that can powerfully move an audience: the result is a ritual of remembrance or reworking of the past to create future-memories..."
-- Vinyauralism: The Art and the Craft of Turntablism. The DJ School.
-- tobias c. van Veen, Discorder March, April (2002)