<title>z.spavatsky: d0</title>

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	$d0secs = strtotime("1 september 2003");
	$dstart = "31 december 2002";
	for ($i=0; $i<=244; $i++) {
		$dsecs = $d0secs - strtotime("$dstart + $i days");
		$days = (($dsecs + 3600 - strftime("%S",$dsecs) - (strftime("%M",$dsecs)*60) - (strftime("%H",$dsecs)*60*60)) / (60*60*24) )  ;
		$date = date("d/M/y", strtotime("$dstart + $i days"));
		if ($days < 100) { $days = "0".$days;}
		if ($days < 10) { $days = "0".$days;}
		switch ($days) {
		case 236:
		case 235:
		case 213:
		case 212:
		case 225:
		case 214:
		case 68:
		case 98:		
		case 229:
		case 0:
			$div = "<div class=\"bold\">";
			$hours = "";
			for ($x=1; $x<5; $x++) {
				$rh = rand(0,7);
				$rh = "0".$rh;
				$rm = rand(0,59);
				if ($rm < 10) {$rm = "0".$rm;}
				$hours .= $rh.":".$rm." ";
			$div = "<div>";
			$hourz = "";
			for ($l=10; $l<24; $l++) {
				$drm = rand(0,59);
				if ($drm < 10) {$drm = "0".$drm;}
				$hourz .= "$l:$drm ";
			$hours = $hourz;
		echo "$div d". $days ." [". $date ."] ". $hours ."</div>";

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z.spavatsky's "d0" is about midnight sounds, lone nightstates of mind, in various settings but 
mostly  when everything goes to sleep, city keeps running its heart, but in some kind of distance. 
special type of warmth becomes slightly present, once music is played, it is obvious. at such moment,
what becomes important is not the words of instruments, effects, music-scapes and their stories, but
the messages told by absense of sound inbetween, the spatial timings, status quo which is not status 
quo, because someplace far away, sometime far ahead/behind, there is a point of energy, focus, 
passion, need, love. 'd0' is about frozen night-world, time and space stand still while the flux of
feelings are accepted and therefore become eternal.

01 Free Rided Internals Impto [d236] 
02 Hrck Loved 4Dday [d213] 
03 Klingons on the Streets [d212] 
04 Postanarchist Snakes entering the Triad [d225] 
05 Puppet Hall at Dusk 
06 Seix Pck [d000-160] 
07 Sleep of Aaron the Senseful [d214] 
08 Spaces of Jitter [d068] 
09 Tamizd is for Humans [d098] 
10 Janjelesm Second Night  [d235] 
11 The Terrific Mesem  [d229] 

download whole album in a zip: ... <a href="z_spavatsky__d0__ogg.zip">ogg</a> | <a href="z_spavatsky__d0__mp3.zip">mp3</a>
or separate files: ... <a href="z_spavatsky__d0__ogg/">ogg</a> | <a href="z_spavatsky__d0__mp3/">mp3</a>

to the black lightless corners where there is no sound, where the story seemingly doesn't tell anything: 
it is the main substance of what is trying to come accross. inside the repetition and minimalism, but 
not quite, just a bit off it.

remixers and other interested parties can get <a href="z_spavatsky__d0__sources.zip">the sources</a> (zipped reason 2.5 files)

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