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170706 elektroblef off the sky
030706 elektroblef 8bit peoples machines
190606 elektroblef exploration of dynamics
240406 elektroblef nishi mixtape
270306 elektroblef stephen orsak motionfield demogorgon
020306 elektroblef broken nets
230206 elektroblef textrozes
160206 elektroblef elektro and nica
090206 elektroblef three perfect distractions
020206 elektroblef transient
260106 elektroblef camomille
050106 elektroblef arhiva7

221205 elektroblef blue-t-shirt+esem
151205 elektroblef cubic textures destruction by numbers
081205 elektroblef missed kahvi
241105 elektroblef various sources
271005 elektroblef kamizdat001 + monotonik
131005 elektroblef entity + mirakelmusix
020905 elektroblef var log mixtape
010905 elektroblef experiments of the sun squad
180805 elektroblef smart compressions
040805 elektroblef first open form for the year
260505 elektroblef hippocamps pisscakes
120505 elektroblef transient garcia klotzsch paradies zvuk broda
280405 elektroblef sutemos idm wizardry
140405 elektroblef lukas nystrand
170305 elektroblef hippocamp 2hours
030305 elektroblef monotonik latest finest
030205 elektroblef sel from h0ls 2004 favs
200105 elektroblef sebastian redenz submix

231204 elektroblef hippocamp xmas and 100th release
091204 elektroblef antiopic project
160904 elektroblef 20kbps recs
020904 elektroblef NOISEb anarchosocial mikael altermark
020904 elektroblef NOISEa esem aka stereoman aka george marinov
270504 elektroblef kahvi
130504 elektroblef monotonik gololed demogorgon
010404 elektroblef sine fiction
180304 elektroblef berestez bad loop enough
040304 elektroblef various recent idm explorations
190204 elektroblef demogorgon and more
190104 elektroblef series IV pilot radio show

161103 elektroblef live 2 november meditations
080603 elektroblefs 4 juniradio
200403 elektroblef live 1 dynamic openness, social avtism
230303 elektroblef live 0 glitch, history and net subjectivities

120500 elektroblef nu old school monotonik
050500 elektroblef nu kettering deff organization
280400 elektroblef nu mute virtual label
210400 elektroblef nu var rl mus
140400 elektroblef nu the most beautiful selection of net ambience
070400 elektroblef nu setup group
310300 elektroblef nu dj laidback mix
060200 elektroblef I stereoman esem music
230100 elektroblef I chill net idm

261299 elektroblef I funky nu electronica vinyl
121299 elektroblef I mp3dotcom choonz
141199 elektroblef I november unknown
311099 elektroblef I botchit nu school
171099 elektroblef I october unknown
031099 elektroblef I live mix of electronic broken bliss
190999 elektroblef I chill prod masterpieces
050999 elektroblef I various net musics
220899 elektroblef I random boomin tunes
080899 elektroblef I ambiental soundscapes from the net
250799 elektroblef I theralite
110799 elektroblef I mono211 et monotonik
270699 elektroblef I FM five musicians
300599 elektroblef I breakbeats
020599 elektroblef I various dancefloor
180499 elektroblef I breakbeats
070399 elektroblef I breakbeats et net musiks mixed

151198 elektroblef I kahvi group
280998 elektroblef 0 net et al electronica mixed
140998 elektroblef 0 net breaks et al
310898 elektroblef 0 electronica and more
240898 elektroblef 0 more mixed pasta
030898 elektroblef 0 some mixed salad
200798 elektroblef 0 twofold stuffed chicken
060798 elektroblef 0 twofold baked potato
220698 elektroblef 0 robotic voices takeover
150698 elektroblef 0 twosided colored harddisk
080698 elektroblef 0 shortlived cassetes and mods
010698 elektroblef 0 records and netscene
250598 elektroblef 0 mixology of the vinyl nets
110598 elektroblef 0 speedy j dj spooky etc
040598 elektroblef 0 coldcuts
000098 elektroblef archive

+++ deviator.si +++  
Elektroblef is radioactivity. Net.audio, exploration of cultural
substances that make up sound/music.noise. Broadcasting of sonic
messages, discursive openness, retreat into subjectivity.

A shizophrenic, radioactivity.



+ This is an archive of various Elektroblef-connected activities.
It's mainly full of playlists, rarely it has actual recordings or even
source folders attached. It might be I will be moving things a bit
around to clean the mess, but hopefuly nothing will be deleted.

+ Near-future plan is to create a 10 "Best of bluff" shows and make a
little text and presentation.

+ Adjusted to http://deviator.si domain.


old news:

++ right, after awhile.
new place (moved from letusplay.net to http://viator.si/), all links
should update automagicaly (301). puting stuff in order and thinking
of pulling RSS feeds from this directory. xml knowledge is poor
but hopefully it will be possible, someday. at least for enclosures?

we did some uploads to http://archive.org/ but i don't know if i'll
manage the regularity. please check back here. that seems to be the

+ i did some adjustments to layout so it seems more logical (files
and folders at the end of info text)

+ in the process of restoring last couple of bits on our host, things
could look kinda funny around here, but bear with us, as archives are
coming up very much updated... even with some very old playlists, horay

++ note: it is very unsafe to bookmark anything within the site. at least
while we're updating old shows. this is due to our own lame code. sorry.
bookmark rather http://letusplay.net/elektroblef/

uhah. i think this page does not speak well with m$ internet exploder.
shame. and, in any case, the page looks cool if you use some nice
monospace fonts. ... like for example Bitstream Vera Sans Mono. *grin*

a link for listening all the sources appeared up, and for those who'd
like just audial files to click-o-roaming, there's a tree of life
available. enjoy new additions, while we smell the fresh air.

we're now regulary on-air, on our very starting host-home, ljubljana's
Radio Student (http://radiostudent.si), every second thursday 22:00 CET