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130504 elektroblef monotonik gololed demogorgon
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#EXTINF:177,mtk123-aleksi-virta-01-outer-edge-intro.mp3 | aleksi virta | outer
edge intro | ..meets torsti | | 4 | | | http://www.monotonik.com

strala, vae, aleksi virta

Welcome to Monotonik's brand new year, courtesy of a debut release (or is it?)
from Finn and self-proclaimed cosmic superspy, Aleksi Virta. He fearlessly busts
out this supremely accomplished album of jazzy, dubby electronics, originally
released on a scandalously limited, horrendously collectible 100-copy sold-out CDR
edition, and now, thankfully available to the general public via the wonders of
the Internet.

So basically, we're looking at everything from the headnodding organ jam of
'Nebulae Herb', through the incredible skank of 'Whirlwind Pistols Dub', even up
to the end-theme beauty of 'Princess Melodiae'. Isn't it almost unseemly that this
is a valiant attempt to snatch album of the year, and it's only January 1st?
Cheeky, that's what we call it. In the meantime, you can read the helpful
information which came in the CDR packaging:

'Our interstellar secret agent superhero rids the world of the evil curse of the
misunderstood vicious madman (yet again) - starring: Aleksi Virta as the heroic
secret agent extravaganza, Gavrila Nebula as the beautiful action heroine, Torsti
as the misunderstood evil scientist madman, Carolina as the mysterious space gypsy

..and, indeed, you can learn more about Aleksi Virta's spacecapades via his
twisted chroniclings - and long may they continue.
aka our interstellar secret agent superhero rids the world of the evil curse of
the misunderstood vicious madman (yet again). year 2003 - a zion 15 intelligence
agency mission in co-operation with nakula 2k industries

aleksi virta as the heroic secret agent extravaganza
gavrila nebula as the beautiful action heroine
torsti as the misunderstood evil scientist madman
carolina as the mysterious space gypsy princess

#EXTINF:199,07-catsdomind.mp3 | n. supergroove | cats do mind | aleksi virta
soundtrack | | 2000 | | Other | strala@dlc.fi
#EXTINF:108,mtk123-aleksi-virta-08-art-of-far.mp3 | aleksi virta | art of far |
..meets torsti | | 4 | | | http://www.monotonik.com
#EXTINF:347,mtk123-aleksi-virta-11-princess-melodiae.mp3 | aleksi virta | princess
melodiae | ..meets torsti | | 4 | | | http://www.monotonik.com

It's been a while since semi-reclusive, wholly-gifted English electronica wonk
Vim! has graced us with his presence. In his absence from Monotonik, he's remixed
Machine Drum for a Merck release, had that track released on vinyl and on a
Japanese mix-CD from Joseph Nothing's label, and, we hear, eaten a lot of baked
beans and sausages. So, to help celebrate the launch of his brand-new CDR, 'A
Random Collection Of Consonants', we're proud to release this EP, with two tracks
from the CDR, and two bonus exclusive remixes of his earlier work - hence the

Startin off on the good foot, 'Trivial Machine' uses Vim's trademark, obtuse
sinewave melodies along with weird counting-down effects, pixelated explosions,
and general madness. On the other hand, 'Exists In Bad Sectors (FuzzDrop)' is a
beguiling loopy piece of ambient style, whereas 'Could Cut Keys', the second piece
from the CDR, has washes of static, beautifully strident dischord in the leads,
and a sound which still sounds like absolutely nobody else. For a coda, we get
'1994 Gold (via Ratners)' ordered up, all mordant and precise and hollow and just

So, in summary: listen to Vim!'s EP, go and buy his CDR in scrambling, insane
delight (http://www.vimster.demon.co.uk/cdr/), and thank us later. And believe us
rightly, you will thank us.

electronic musician Vim aka Keith Baylis, who has been making sounds with various
manky computers since 1991, where he discovered the splendour of the 'chip' sound.

Keith loves the sound of old computers, and finds the serious sound and technical
limitations a real challenge, whilst enjoying the crisp, abstract tones and
crunchy drums - that's his excuse anyway.

#EXTINF:161,[mtk120]-vim-04-1994-gold-via-ratners.mp3 | Vim | 1994 Gold (via
Ratners) | remixconsonantthing | | 3 | | | http://www.monotonik.com
#EXTINF:239,[mtk120]-vim-03-could-cut-keys.mp3 | Vim | Could Cut Keys |
remixconsonantthing | | 2003 | | Electronic | http://www.monotonik.com
#EXTINF:186,[mtk120]-vim-01-trivial-machine.mp3 | Vim | Trivial Machine |
remixconsonantthing | | 2003 | | Electronic | http://www.monotonik.com

He released one of the first ever Monotonik .MOD releases, all the way back in
1997, and over 6 years and several highly acclaimed CDs later, Finnish electronic
wiz Lackluster, aka Esa Ruoho, fresh from live sets in Ireland and Russia and his
recent 'Showcase' compilation CD on Merck Records, has handed over the keys to his
mind and returned to the net.label fold with this sublime 5-track EP.

Right off the bat, 'Cut1' comes out with a tremendously complex blend of
Lackluster's signature smooth melodies, with a newer, almost dubby edge, before
the languid 'Ambling On' shows off rocksteady beats and a drifting, just gorgeous
lead. Up next, 'Cut2' sneaks up with an almost 'CDR#2' or 'Container'-like
simplicity of spirit and purity of thought, before 'Tumbling Along' shows up, all
perfect drum programming and lolloping breaks. Finally, 'Ender' ends things off
subtly with reversed sounding loops and a humming bass, a fitting finish to a
simply beautiful EP that Monotonik is proud to be hosting for free.

#EXTINF:146,[mtk119]-lackluster-03-ll150603-cut2.mp3 | lackluster | ll150603
(cut2) | you are on my mindEP | | 2003 | | |

Alexey Devyanin aka Stud is for sure not an unknown player in the Netlabelscene
along lots of releases on labels like Kikapu, Kahvi or Acediamusic. Being Stud on
those labels, Alexey works on Autoplate under his moniker Gultskra Artikler. The
first release "Gruppa Turistov" from March 2003 is one of the most critically
acclaimed releases on Autoplate so far, with it's unique blend of Field
recordings, Folk improvisations and dense winter acoustic manipulations. The new
album "Gololed", which means "frozen snow" deals with the multidimensional
soundprocessing and surprising Freejazz snippets, mingled with drumrolls, however
intense with lots of whispering voices, heartbeats, gunshots and those typical
acoustic interludes during the tracks. Unlike "Gruppa Turistov", this time
Devyanin radically moves along the Avantgarde borderline, yet reminiscenes to the
first EP are obvious in the pieces "Koldun" and "Logoled".

#EXTINF:146,[apl019]-01-gultskra_artikler-gololed.mp3 | Gultskra Artikler |
Gololed | [APL019] Gololed | | 2004 | | Avantgarde | http://www.autoplate.org
#EXTINF:236,[apl019]-03-gultskra_artikler-gdetto.mp3 | Gultskra Artikler | Gdetto
| [APL019] Gololed | | 2004 | | Avantgarde | http://www.autoplate.org
#EXTINF:95,[apl019]-07-gultskra_artikler-tekto.mp3 | Gultskra Artikler | Tekto |
[APL019] Gololed | | 2004 | | Avantgarde | http://www.autoplate.org
#EXTINF:371,[apl019]-08-gultskra_artikler-starik_hotabitch.mp3 | Gultskra Artikler
| Starik Hotabitch | [APL019] Gololed | | 2004 | | Avantgarde |
#EXTINF:82,[apl019]-09-gultskra_artikler-logoled.mp3 | Gultskra Artikler | Logoled
| [APL019] Gololed | | 2003 | | Avantgarde | http://www.autoplate.org

Sometimes the best way to spend a day is to go where
man has left no sign of his existence, and just be.
I've made this for those who have found this to be true.

| Demogorgon | Not More Than a Lifetime Ago | Empty and Ancient | | 2004 | |
Soundtrack |
#EXTINF:203,demogorgon_-_empty_and_ancient_-_09_-_from_blossom_to_fruition.mp3 |
Demogorgon | From Blossom to Fruition | Empty and Ancient | | 2004 | |
Soundtrack |
#EXTINF:277,demogorgon_-_empty_and_ancient_-_10_-_this_tree_is_about_to_burn.mp3 |
Demogorgon | This Tree Is About to Burn | Empty and Ancient | | 2004 | | Ambient

#EXTINF:52,00.elektroblef_III_jingle.mp3 | | | | | | | |

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