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"The visual image and the sound image are in a special relationship, a free indirect relationship. We are in fact no longer in the classical regime where a whole would internalize images and be externalized in images, constituting an indirect representation of time, and being able to receive from music a direct presentation. What has now become direct is a time-image for itself, with its two dissymetric, non-totalizable sides, fatal when they touch, that of an outside more distant than any exterior, and that of an inside deeper than any interior, here where a musical speech rises and is torn away, there where the visible is covered over or buried."
-- Deleuze, Cinema 2

x.struct.erros.tempos is a development of a previous project, using screenshots of a broken application (firefox?) on the desktop, from which error abstract images were edited. the 'tempos' edition is just a step in exploration of ideas on abstract experimental video, figurative noise, aesthetic and movement- and time-image.

developed with pure data & pdp.