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AVANT-PREMIERE '10: To Observe and/or the Observed

The final presentation of students and graduates of SVŠGL (Pre-School Education and Grammar School – module contemporary dance)


(c) Maja Slanc


The project Avant-Premiere is an annual final presentation of graduates and other students of SVŠGL (Pre-School Education and Grammar School – module contemporary dance) which emerged in 2003 in Ljubljana and presents one of the school activities. The final production presents four classes of students under the mentorship of their teachers, renowned Slovenian contemporary dancers, choreographers and directors. The artistic leader of the project comprehensively and aesthetically rounds up individual dances and connects solos and group choreographies into a contemporary and quality artistic evening with a recognizable artistic expression, which surpasses the mere form of a high school production. In 2010 the young dancers (aged 14 to 19) tackled this year’s graduation theme To Observe and/or the Observed related to the third essay from John Berger's book Ways of Seeing. The students will examine the roles of the observer and the observed in the sense of two integral, yet always separate parts of an identity.


addagio: (oga) (mp3)

catwalk: (oga) (mp3)

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princess: (oga) (mp3)


Danced by: Students of SVŠGL (Pre-School Education and Grammer School - contemporary dance department)
Artistic guidance: Maja Delak and Petra Pikalo

Mentors and choreographers: Maja Delak, Mojca Dimec Bogdanovski, Tina Dobaj Eder, Katja Legin, Vita Osojnik, Petra Pikalo, Nataša Tovirac, Kaja Valenti, Urška Vohar
Music selection and sound editing: Luka Prinčič
Costumes: Ajda Tomazin
Hair styling: Srednja frizerska šola Ljubljana
Light design: Urška Vohar
Design of promo materials: Tanja Radež
Photography: Srednja oblikovna in fotografska šola, Ljubljana

Produced by: Zavod EMANAT
Co-produced by: Srednja vzgojiteljska šola in gimnazija Ljubljana, Ljubljana

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