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Sad Sam Lucky Outtakes

In may 2012 choreographer and contemporary dancer Matija Ferlin created a solo dance/stage piece Sad Sam Lucky.

Ferlin’s performance Sad Sam Lucky is a physical response to the work of the Slovenian avant-garde poet Srečko Kosovel (1904 – 1926) whose confessional poetry is profound, contemporary in its spirit, internal tension and stylistic imagery, at the same time revolutionary in its ideas, brimming with immediate reflections of his personality, deeply touching and poetically invaluable.

Driven by the lasting relevance of Kosovel’s verses, his honesty, melancholic prophecy and sentimental tragedy – Ferlin in SAD SAM Lucky creates a form of a highly physical, turbulent and emotional homage to this very unique avant-garde author.

This album is a collection of outtakes from the process of creating music for this highly original work.

All music written and produced by Luka Prinčič.

Thanks to Emanat Institute and Matija Ferlin.



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Sad Sam Lucky Outtakes by Nova deViator is released and licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported License.

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